We choose to cook our roasts in the traditional way: nice and slowly, over lumpwood charcoal. We don’t use any old charcoal either, ours is sourced from Mereworth Woodlands, a coppiced forest area three miles from Rocky Roasts HQ. It’s chemical free, 100% Forest Stewardship Council approved, and is cut and made in the traditional way to help to keep the old methods alive and provide a safe and sustainable environment for wildlife.

Perhaps most importantly though, it gives our roasts that wonderful smokey barbecue flavour and produces plenty of crackling

Our hog roasts are always cooked from scratch, on site. All the cooking, carving and serving is taken care of. The leftover meat is always left with the client, and all waste taken away, leaving you to enjoy your party with the minimum of fuss! 

A whole roasting pig is a breath taking feature for a party, and a great talking point. Our hog roast machine is open, meaning the pig, complete with head, is visible throughout cooking. This also means the smell will drive everyone crazy!



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