We’re committed to using the finest quality free-range British meat, sourced from a local butcher who has the highest quality and safety standards. It’s healthier for us, better for the animals, and means a much more succulent and tasty roast. We wouldn’t serve anything less.

It doesn’t stop there either. Our homemade apple sauce – the perfect accompaniment to any hog roast – is made using locally-grown English apples: no additives, no preservatives, nothing nasty at all.

In fact, we do our best to source everything we serve locally, to make sure our clients get the very best quality, flavour and freshness.


pig parts

1. Head, Ears, Cheek

Some lovely morsels of meat come from the cheeks. The ears aren't so popular in England!

2. Neck

Not a prime cut but we can leave leftovers which can make good sausages and put into casseroles and stews.

3. Shoulder & Ribs

A big area and some very juicy cuts.

4. Hand & Spring

Perfect for a slow roasting.

5. Hock

Slightly sweeter in taste.

6. Rack of Ribs

More rib action and deliciously juicy containing lots of flavour. Great for crackling too.

7. Loin

Once some bones are moved, some incredible and tender meat from the loin can fill the soft white baps along with the homemade apple sauce.

8. Pork belly

You know it for its amazing flavour thanks to its fatty area and seriously gets your tastebuds going. Also infamous for the best crackling! There is also a couple of kidneys in and around this area that are just to die for....if you like offal that is!

9. Rump

Leaner than the belly but still darn tasty.

10. Legs

Still juicy and tasty with the baps and sauces.

11. Tail

You're more than welcome to keep it as a souvenir or deep fry for a crispy snack the day after.

12. Trotter

The classic trotter! We normally have to remove them to get the body in the hog roast machine but cook them right and you've got some great gelatine.

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