We specialise in hog roasts – either half or full hog, depending on the size of your event – but can also prepare succulent lamb, beef, chicken, turkey and game roasts or even a combination. We are also happy to provide vegetarian and gluten free options too.

We can supply rolls, homemade apple sauce, stuffing, salads, handmade desserts, alongside disposable crockery and cutlery. Or we can just supply the meat, all cooked and carved for you while you do the rest.

We pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service as every job is different.

We are all about quality regardless of the number of people. Due to the unique design of our hog roasting machine and BBQ equipment, we can cater for as many as 200.

A complete barbecue service is also available, should you prefer. We use a combination of charcoal and gas for the best results.

We use only the finest quality butchers sausages and burgers. A range of other meats is available and we are always happy to provide vegetarian options.

We can also provide rolls, sauces, salads, plates and napkins to make life easier so you can just have fun!

How about half a hog roast with a barbecue alongside for those who don't want pork?

Options include free-range barbecued chicken fillets or steak burgers and sausages for the kids. Combined with rolls, sauces and salads, there is something to please everyone.

Vegetarian options such as: tofu burgers, grilled portobello mushrooms, or halloumi kebabs, are also available.

For smaller gatherings up to about 50 people we can offer slow cooked smoked meats such as beef brisket and pulled pork. Cooked for up to 12 hours in a Weber Smokey Mountain, the meat is incredibly tender and succulent. Serve with BBQ beans, coleslaw and potato bombs for a special and memorable meal!

Or what about a good old fashioned 'pig pickin'? We can slow roast a whole hog for you to present to your guests and everyone can help themselves to the meat. A very fun and informal way to feed and entertain a crowd!

The price of a hog roast of BBQ in Kent or the South East depends on the type and location of the event, and the number of guests.

Typically, the cost can range between £5 and £10 per guest depending on what extras you'd like. It's incredibly affordable and you'll have a pack of satisfied and very full guests :)

Please contact us for a detailed no obligation quote. We are happy to answer any questions you have!

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